Monday, January 31, 2011

January 4 - Esther

Hope you all had a wonderful Janurary! Here's Esther wearing her "I Love Daddy" sleeper.
Esther with some more of her grandparents -
Esther and Great Grandpa -
Esther and Great Grandma -


Amos and Rebekah said...

I agree that Jeriah is very cute, if I do say so myself. :) very cute pictures of Esther too. :)

Daniel and Rachel said...

Ahhhhh, she just gets cuter and CUTER!!!!!!!! =D

Hannah said...

OOOOooooooOOOOo! I love the quilt she's laying on in the last picture! Ditto what Rachel said. :)

JoyAnn said...

Hello Naomi!
I have the most WONDERFUL news!!! The Lord has put into my life a godly young man into my life who I will have the honor of calling my Mr!!! His name is Caleb Stromquist, the city maintenence man and waster water system operator for Lake Bronson.

Here is our picture of the night we were "officially" courting. Both of us are serious, and when my Dad gave him "the talk" he asked him what he meant by asking to court me and get to know me more. Calebs response was to know me more with the intentions and pursuit of marriage.
I have NEVER been so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!
God is SO good! :)
Blessings, JoyAnn

JoyAnn said...

Oops, no picture, I sent it to your Moms e-mail :)