Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2 of 6 - Grandparents

I think all the pictures I had of Christmas at my dad's parents were similar to ones on Mom's and Rachel's and Rebekah's blogs, but I'll post a few anyway - we had a big Christmas meal at noon, and in the evening we had a "white elephant" gift exchange.

Priscilla, Rachel, Abby, and Mathias
Marie, Daniel, Libby, Esther, Reuben
Ellie, Uncle Doug
Aunt Ellen, Uncle Ronnie, Melita in front - we were gone for Uncle Ronnie's funeral, so we were very glad it worked out for us to have Christmas early, so we could all be there.
Melita again

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Daniel and Rachel said...

I'm so glad that we decided to have Christmas early, so we could all have one last Christmas all together...Uncle Ron passed away only 4 days after this get together!!