Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 3 of 6 - Us

We took a lot of family pictures over the last few weeks!
I wanted to take one of Esther and I in our matching outfits...
We had our own little Christmas celebration too - we read the Christmas story from the Bible and had decorated a little tree (we both have a bunch of Christmas things, but since Aaron had been sick and we were going to be gone anyway, we just did that...), and we drank eggnogg, and exchanged a few little gifts - Aaron gave me a waffle iron that we tried out yesterday!
This is after we got home - the snow was all sparkling and beautiful, but the picture just doesn't get the look across.

By the way, we're very grateful that Aaron is feeling better! He's still more tired than normal, but all of the other symptoms have gone away - thank you for your prayers!

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Isn't it fun to have your own little family Christmas??!! I've LOVED that since we've been married. :)