Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up - Part 2 - Summer

Our relationship officially started in June, but the next couple months were very busy for both of us - I spent several weeks in ND working with Child Evangelism Fellowship, and Aaron was busy as well with VBS, Camp, and a missions trip to Puerto Rico with some of his family. We saw each other as much as we could on weekends though and wrote letters during the week - then starting in August, we were both home and from then on we've seen each other almost everyday! It's wonderful!

This picture is of Aaron and I on our first "official" date -

My cousin Hannah is a photographer and on 4th of July she took some pictures for us.
This one was just for fun! I really don't drive tractor very often, even though I do live on a farm...
I don't think this picture needs any explanation - it's just to document the many hours we've spent talking :)
We canned 3 different kinds of jam together - peach, raspberry, and blueberry lime, (and picked the blueberries together) - there ought to be enough peach jam here to last us at least our first year of married life! (or two...or three...) We work well in the kitchen together and it's a great way to spend time with each other and also get something done :)
My family, the Krahns, had a corn maze this year and we spent a lot of hours over there - some with preparation work and then when I would work there in the evenings, Aaron would come over and hang out or help -
Aaron and I are teaching his children's Sunday school class and here we're writing out the verse on balloons and also making up a new attendance chart - we've both been going to each other's church services some when the times are different, so we get in lots of church on Sunday!

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