Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up - Part 1 - Spring

Hello from Naomi! We thought we should sort of tell at the beginning of our blog some of how we met just to give you a little backround so all of our current posts make sense -

Aaron moved to Warroad in November of '07 and then we met in January of '08 at a funeral. We saw each other around a few times over the next year, but it wasn't until Feburary of '09 that God really began to work in both of our hearts - in mine preparing me for this change and in his directing him toward me.

Aaron began kind of hanging around - he would drop over, sometimes he would come to afternoon services at my church and we went to some special meetings at his church, we also would "just happen" to run into each other places...and so we visited some and got to observe each other's character in different settings.

The picture above is one time this spring when Aaron was over helping out on the farm - we had some other friends over and were cooking out on a campfire. The picture below is from when he went sucker fishing with my Dad and brothers.

I wasn't sure what to think - Aaron was nice to me and all, but he's nice to sometimes I thought he was interested in me, and other times I thought that maybe he just enjoyed the farm :) Either way, I had a real peace about him.

The picture of me above and the picture of Aaron below are from a trip my family took to the Mennonite Village Museum in Stienbach, MB - Through a rather interesting "chance", we invited Aaron to come along - it was a lot of fun, and also a good time to visit.

I've always held that I didn't want to get into any relationship unless there was a commitment toward marriage, and Aaron knew that, so during the first couple weeks of June, when I was in ND, he talked to my dad. When I say talked, I mean talked! I had a list of things that were important to me in a husband and they went over that - and other things.
Then the morning after I got home, Dad broke the news. He had enough information to answer the questions I had and after a couple days of thinking and praying, I knew that this was God's will for my life and so we were "betrothed" on June 15 - and thus began our lifelong adventure of learning to love each other more every day! God is good!

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