Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spring Updates 1

For those of you that hadn't heard - we moved back to MN the end of April, which is my current excuse for being behind on blogging...It may take a few days, but hopefully we'll catch up. These photos are from March and April when we were still in TN.
The girls were having fun playing with some old hickory nuts - Esther left her purse of nuts outside and I happened to see this squirrel out the back door stealing them :)
 Anna all comfy cozy in her crib -
 I wanted a picture holding Aaron wearing his "mommy loves me" sleeper.
 We picked these flowers outside in March in TN -
 A couple days later we had a snowfall - it only lasted a couple hours, but long enough to sled a little.
 Anna - her hair just won't stay to the side!
A little snowman :)
 They might not get to sled much next winter - they'll probably be plenty of snow, but no hills in the backyard!
 Anna and Esther at church -
 I think this is March 26 - Aaron was 3 months old.
 Cranberry icebox cookies -
 Aaron in his little dinosaur outfit -
 Mocha Layer Cake - it tasted even better than it looked...
 It was so sad saying goodbye to everybody at the church!

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