Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Family and Friends

We had a busy couple weeks with a quick visit from my parents, a visit from my brother, and a wedding and a conference! We had our best snowfall of the year earlier in March and since it had a nice thick coating of ice underneath, it made for great sledding!
Of course, snow and sledding means hot chocolate - since we only have had snow like three times this winter, we all enjoy it as a special treat :)
The girls love their Auntie Miriam!
Mom and Dad came especially to see baby Aaron Joseph before he grows up :)
Dad and Aaron Joseph hanging out -
We spent the night before the wedding with the McC. family. Esther had so much fun playing with her cousins and Joanna - Here they're watching part of a movie. The girls also enjoyed a toy they've recently "met" - marbles:)
Aaron Joseph was smiling for the camera too - as well as his wonderful father!
The pretty stage and bridesmaids at the wedding -
We tried a quick family picture, but didn't take the time to get everyone to smile...
All my parent's grandchildren :)
The reception was beautiful and delicious - my favorite idea was the "cookie buffet".
Aaron, Dad, Mom, Miriam, and Anna
Anna got a special children's plate - with food that didn't stain her clothes!
Michael and Jordan laughing - It's always encouraging to see a wedding of two young people who want to put God first in their lives and let His Providence lead them to the right one!
The last wedding I went to at this church was Amos and Rebekah's - 6 years and 4 children ago :) For those of you that don't know - Aaron moved to MN the weekend of their wedding...
Daniel kept wanting to hold the baby.
We met Nathanael and Mrs. G. for lunch in Nashville -
It's quite a sight to bring 7 small children into a Cracker Barrel! They were good though :)
The cousins (minus Aaron) by an old train at Centennial Park -
Outside the Parthenon - It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Jeriah and Gideon -
A statue of one of our favorite heros - Sgt. York! Amos and Aaron also spent some time working on our matching vans. We loved having everyone come for a visit!
The girls think Aaron's changing table is their bunk bed :)
I didn't give this picture time to download all the way. This is the big chapel at the campus where the conference was held.
While Aaron was in sessions, we spent a lot of time at the "play area".
I enjoyed meeting other moms who brought their children to play and having someone else take care of meals!

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The K. Family said...

Nice post, Naomi! We sure enjoyed our visit and I know the others did too!