Friday, April 6, 2012


In case you get tired of seeing pictures of baby girls...the fact is, this blog is primarily for "Grandpa and Grandma" (s) - so the rest of you will just have to suffer...

Someone gave Anna this towel, but for now, Esther has claimed it - we call her "The Frog Princess" and she thinks that's pretty special :)

Anna in a pretty little sundress -

My Mom got these matching dresses for the girls, and once again, I tried to get a good picture of the two of them - I thought these turned out a little better than the last try!

Before church on Sunday night....

Anna eats pretty well, so if she keeps it up, in a few years they may be able to pass for twins:) Or someday Anna may be the taller of the two, like in our family!

Amos and Rebekah were here for a day - the kids outnumbered the adults - we had a fun time watching all the little people.

Cousin Daniel wanted to hold baby Anna - he did pretty well :)

The new "K. cousins" - all of my parent's grandkids, and minus two of the great-grandkids

I forgot to rotate this one...Anna is pretty good at smiling, but I haven't got a picture of it yet - she really doesn't look this moody most of the time!

It was nice and cool this morning, so we took the girls out while we worked in the garden a little.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

"Now is Christ risen from the dead."


The K. Family said...

Thank you for posting! Such cute pictures! Anna has sure grown and your girls make the boys look so big! What a blessing they are! Love you all,

April said...

Beautiful! :) Love the pictures of the cute, little girls. :)

Esther really has 'grown up' hasn't she? :)

In Him;