Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter and Aaron's Family

We do not believe in the Easter Bunny :) However, bunny rabbits are one of Esther's new favorite animals (along with turtles...) and she enjoyed this Esther-size version and making the "sniff" sound!
The church held their traditional Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Esther really didn't understand what she was supposed to do, but she had fun! Although once she figured out what was in those shiney wrappers, we had to confinscate her collection :)
She loves to run around outside and has recently taken to trying to sneak out the door when Aaron comes home from work.
We took a picnic lunch to the park and then walked around and saw the ducks again. We were also entertained by a squirrel during our meal :)
We met up with Aaron's parents at the mall (which was just reopened after being flooded a couple years ago) and looked around. There were so many people there and stores - I felt like a country tourist! Here, Aaron's mom is showing Esther the fish in an aquarium (part of a restraunt).
Cracker Barrel rocking chairs -
I've been trying to get a good family picture - Aaron's mom took several for us, but getting two children to cooperate isn't working out...This is probably one of the best of Esther.

Another try -
I had the same problem getting a nice picture of the girls in their Easter dresses. (A lady from church gave them matching ones at Anna's shower.) They looked a lot cuter in person :)
Minus the headband! Esther is liking her baby sister more all the time.
Easter morning, the adult chior did a "cantata" and did a great job.
Some of Aaron's family came down for the service, then we went to eat at the state park. Esther was scared when we tried to take a picture with this human bunny!
There's a great view of the lake from this catwalk - but I realized later that it wasn't in any of the pictures I took...
Trying again -
Esther helped us pick up sticks in the backyard. Our potatos, lettuce, radishes, and onions are doing well, but the other garden things haven't gotten established yet - I think because it's dry here.
We went back to the state park another time. After living in town for six months, I appreciate the peace and quietness!
Esther enjoyed the swing, but she wasn't sure about the slide.
She enjoyed the stream though and put her hand in the water.
Anna has such a big smile - but I didn't manage to capture it on camera either!
She's getting nice and fat!

We went with some of Aaron's family to an artsy sort of restraunt for his grandmother's 81st birthday.
Us with Grandma -


Where the Green Grass Grows said...

That is the Nashville mall isn't it? I have not seen it yet,but it looks nice on the news. I'm in Clarksville but I love riding through the country side of KY there are a lot of Amish around there. They do some great baking!!! The Country pantry store in Guthrie KY is neat and the amish bakery down the road from there is soooo good!!!

The K. Family said...

They are so cute!! I'm afraid Anna looks like a boy in your family pic in the rocking chairs :) It sure does bring back memories of when you were a little girl, Naomi.