Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Birthday and Bible Bee

The week after Esther's birthday, Aaron's parents, grandparents, and sister and her husband, came up to celebrate. They came to church with us, then we all went out to eat at a place located in Mongtogmery Bell State Park, which is just down the road.
The scenery there was beautiful! We walked out on this "catwalk" type thing to get a better look.
The lake and the hills and the trees - most of the leaves are gone now, but there were a few left then.
We all came back to our house for cake and ice cream and to open presents. Esther's figured out the gift bags, but the other ones I had to help with :)
New socks from Alaska!
One gift was a little rocking chair just her size - she'll go in the living room and climb in it all herself.
A musical toy...

We were so excited that the Bible Bee was in Nashville this year! My parents and sisters came over to our house a couple days and we went there to hang out with them a couple days. Above is Hosanna, Miriam, and Priscilla -
Esther playing on the table -
For some reason, Esther really loved her Aunty Miriam :)
They had a 400th birthday party for the King James Bible! We were also able to watch the semi-finals and finals, look around at the vendors, go to a picnic with Bill Gothard, go to a family hymn sing, and meet up with Mrs. G. and Jonathan. I'm sure my Mom will fill everyone in on the details on her blog - We really enjoyed it and getting to spend time with the family!
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Reuben Mitton said...

Happy birthday Ya easter bunny! I mean, Esther bunny :) ;)

Daniel and Rachel said...

I wish I could have been there!! We watched the finals online but it would have been AWESOME to be there and see it in person....especially since Kari won. =D