Friday, September 10, 2010

Maze, Garden, and Museum

Hello! I look fat in this picture for some reason....but we need a share in the corn maze pictures too, right? Aaron and I went over one day and helped set things up.
We also took our Sunday school kids (I think it was 8) to the maze one day - they had a great time and we wore them out! They were a little afraid of the calf and they really enjoyed jumping off the tractor tires. We weren't sure about putting pictures of them online, so this was one of the only ones with no faces in it. On top of the bridge -
Aaron and I went fishing at the Northwest Angle with a couple from church. We didn't get many fish (I did get one though - like the first fish I ever remember getting...), but it was a beautiful day to be out on the lake! We saw loons, deer, pelicans, a golden eagle, and a fox, and got to hear a lot of stories from the history of the area.


Daniel and Rachel said...

Awwww, you're such a CUTE "fat" person. ;) Haha. Can't wait to meet him/her!!

Jennifer said... are definitely not fat! ;) Can't wait to see pics of him/her! Not much longer!!!!!

Teresa said...

You are looking really good Naomi!!
We are praying for you and the safe arrival of ??????!!!

We can't wait to be able to meet Aaron as well! We keep talking about needing to take a trip up your way sometime.

Aaron and Naomi said...

Yes, you guys do need to come for a visit! It's been a long time! I'm praying for you too...