Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

Hello! If married life always goes as fast as it's going now, we'll be having our 25th anniversary in just a few months! :) We thought some of you might like to see some pictures our our kitchen. It's actually the church's kitchen downstairs (we have an apartment upstairs) but we made a deal with them where we get the kitchen most of the time (they don't have potlucks every week!) and the plan is to put in a serving area and sink for them.

Anyway, above is basically the north and west walls of the kitchen from before.
On the east wall was a closet...
... and this is the south wall - notice the funny lines in the drywall from a door that used to be there.
Aaron started this project after Christmas and got a lot of it done before the wedding. He took off all of the sheet-rock on the wall and started over.
He boxed in the duct work (a big job!), hung new sheet-rocked, mudded it, sanded it, and painted it. Then we put the sink and dishwasher back in place.
I came over one day to "help out" - we did some dusting/cleaning, took off the wallpaper border, and did some sanding.
Priscilla came along too (I think my family is glad to have a break from chaperoning :) ) - she's wiping down the door we put on the closet/pantry.
While we were gone on our honeymoon, some of the church people put in a new floor, then when we got home, we spent basically the first week finishing the project up and organizing all our our wedding presents in the right places!
Here Aaron is putting new shelves in the pantry. They're very sturdy and it's big enough to hold all our food.
Almost the end! Aaron says there's still a few little things that need to be done, but it's very nice and I'm loving having "my own" kitchen! In addition to the other things I mentioned, we (ok, Aaron) painted, moved in a different fridge, put in a new light over the sink and did more rearranging and cleaning (well I did help with that!).
You might get to see it someday because we're planning on having lots of company - theoretically :)


missionarymomma said...

What a great first kitchen. I think you might get spoiled. :-) It is very big. You even get a dishwasher. I love it. What a great place for hospitality.

God bless you,

Daniel and Rachel said...

It looks like you are having a lot of fun with your new home!! :) I'm so happy to see YOU happy!!! Keep on enjoying it...oh, and as far as I can tell, time only goes by faster!!! Daniel says he wishes he could have sped up the time before we were married and slow it down now that we are, :)

*~Virginia~* said...

Hi Naomi!!!!
I was checking out your wedding pictures and came across your new blog! Your pictures are beautiful and you both look so happy!
I love your wedding dress! Where did you get it?

Elisabeth said...

Hi Naomi!
It must be wonderful to have your own kitchen! :-) I love seeing all your pictures.

Thank you for the comment. I loved "Why We Fight". We watched the first one in history class and it was perfect for what we were doing. I was so happy it covered the Biblical view so many in our country had at the time.

Thanks again!

Granola said...

Your kitchen turned out so nice. Love the fresh flowers too!