Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few Wedding Pictures...

I know it's been forever since our wedding, and you've probably seen a lot of pictures already, but I finally got around to going through some of the ones I have and thought you'd still enjoy them - I hope so anyway, because you'll likely be seeing wedding pictures on here for the next year or two!

Sara was one of my personal attendants and fixed my hair for the day - she did a great job!
Josh, Amos, Dad, and Grandpa - waiting for things to happen -
Rebekah played flute for the prelude - I didn't get to hear most of it because I was trapped in a back room...but what I did hear was beautiful and that's what everyone else said as well.
Jordan played piano for Rebekah, which was also very lovely - Thanks Jordan!
Aaron putting the ring on my finger :)
We didn't have an official receiving line, but we stood in the back afterwards and greeted people - this is me hugging my Grandma.
Greeting more church people - our parents stood with us as well.
Alexis and Ashley were two of th 13 waitresses - they were in charge of a table in the front of the church with sandwhiches and pinwheels on it...
Aunt Linda cutting cake - there was a lot of cake left! We only got one bite, but apparently my family ate leftover cake almost the whole week we were gone on the honeymoon.
I did grab a quick snack :)
Miriam was a witness, Aaron and I didn't have to sign the certificate, but our best man and maid of honor did.
Aaron and our flower girl, JoAnna
Aaron and I getting ready to leave the church - and saying lots of goodbyes...we didn't do too bad, the wedding was at 6 and we left somewhere around 10.
I'm putting this picture on to annoy my brothers and sisters :) Hopefully you're computer blockers won't stop our blog because of it...

Oh, and Julie took most of these pictures and a few of them were taken by Mrs. Enns.


Daniel and Rachel said...

Awwwww....I looooove the last one. ;) LOL. It's so cute and sweet...and no, it didn't get blocked. Hehe. :) That's weird that you didn't have to sign your marriage certificate! We well as Thomas and Hannah, and I think Pastor too....hmmmm...maybe (GASP) you're not really married!!! :)

missionarymomma said...

Yep, same here our wedding certificate is signed by us too - hummmmmmmmm ;-).

Glad you posted again. What great photos - early, sweet, beginings of love are so tender and it really does get better with time.


Mae said...

Thanks so much for posting all your pictures. You both look GREAT!
I'm looking forward to seeing you this Spring.

Love you, Grandma

Amos and Rebekah said...

I love the last one too. :D Hee hee. Except, your lips aren't touching! grin!

God's Been Good said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! You guys have such a sweet testimony and are such an encouragement!


Elsie Gibbs said...

Awwww, great catch up Ms. Naomi! I will start following your blog. I went to your parents one and I was thinking,"Hmm, Ms. Naomi hasn't posted in a while.", then I realized that I'm not even following yours :) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics.

Ms. Elsie