Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fall and Christmas 2017

 Esther turned 7 in October and is happy to not be a baby anymore!
 A few days later, Julia turned 2 - since she had just seen Esther blow out her candles, she was pretty excited about "my happy birthday."

 Aaron bought this tractor this summer - now he can plow the driveway!
 Heidi and Esther just happen to have the same second-hand coat!
 Grandpa O. and Grace -
 The girls celebrated Thanksgiving Sunday by wearing Priscilla's "Indian" dresses.
 We went to my grandparents for Thanksgiving - Aunty Ellen read a book to A. Joseph and Jubilee.
 Anna, Aunty Priscilla, Esther - also on Thanksgiving
 The kids love to play with Grace and put an old dish towel on her head -
 Julia, Esther, and Anna in front of the Christmas tree -
 Aaron Joseph wanted to be in the picture also -
 I meant to take a picture at every Christmas event we attended, but didn't always remember. This is at my parents -
 I got to open Grace's stocking, as well as my own :)
 Esther taking her car out of her stocking, with Anna and Daniel supervising -
 Anna with one of her gifts -
 Another attempt at getting a nice picture of the children before church one Sunday -
 In front of the tree worked a little better -
 Esther played the part of Elizabeth in our Christmas program.
 The cutest shepherd ever!
 Anna was an angel and also a "wiseman"
 Everyone getting their costumes on for the program - they all did a great job!
 We sang "Silent Night" by candle light -
 We had our family Christmas early and just randomly opened gifts one evening.

 Christy, Felicity, Grace, Vienna, and Heidi wore matching dresses to the O. get-together.
 We left on Christmas Eve to meet Aaron's family on MO - but we got a very unpleasant, though short, stomach flu - one of us was sick almost everyday, so it was one of those trips we probably will never forget! Here is Esther and Julia on a healthy day -
 Aaron Joseph opening his gifts -
 All of us at the place we stayed -
 Aaron's parents have 7 older grandchildren (and several great-grandchildren), but this is the younger batch - This was the first time all 12 of them have been together :)
 Grace - now she's almost 8 months and is not quite crawling, but is already into picking up the smallest thing within her reach.

 We've taken the children sledding a couple times -
 When Mom took our Christmas photo, she also took a few others for fun -
 Esther loves to pose for cameras :)
 Aaron Joseph
 Julia did not want to smile that day -

 I caught her smiling in the corner of another picture -
 We celebrated our eighth anniversary!

Just in case you haven't seen our family photo, which would be hard for me to believe since we sent cards to almost everyone we know! Hope you have a great rest of the winter and a great spring and summer!

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