Friday, January 31, 2014

Baby Shower, Maryland, and More

 Aaron's aunt in Virginia passed away suddenly - since we did not visit the eastern relatives at Thanksgiving, we decided to make a trip out there and spent a few days at Nathan and Cassie's, as well as attending the funeral.
 This is the first time that Esther and her cousins have really hit it off - Anna still kind of did her own thing, but Esther had so much fun with people to play with!
 We went to Sweet Frog and she wanted to sit with them :)
 We had a good time - except for the fact that the children were taking turns being sick and almost every night there was a different one up vomiting every couple hours!
 The ladies at our church did a baby shower for us - In spite of the fact that it was cold and early on a Saturday morning, there was a good turn out and we had a nice time.
 We were given lots of adorable baby boy outfits! - and some other fun things.
 We also played a game trying to make words out of the letters in Aaron Joseph's name - a couple ladies found the word "pastor" and another one found the word "apostle"!
 Some of the cute decorations...
 They had a variety of breakfast type snacks.
 Aunt Rebekah K. gave the girls a couple pretty dresses and I was trying to get a nice picture of them.
 Anna is figuring out to smile at the right time :)

 One month old! He is a good baby - sleeps a lot, grunts and groans a lot, and is pretty serious.

 We love our little man!
 I keep thinking Anna should do everything Esther does, and she won't even be 2 for a few more weeks...
 This is her new pretty purple dress - she will tell you very confidently that her favorite color is pink!
 I think she's adjusting well to not being the baby of the family, although she "wants the baby stop it" when he cries.
 Esther wanted to get in on the picture taking.

Why did I ever think baby boy clothes weren't very cute? I guess I hadn't really looked at them...


Jewel said...

Ah your kids are so cute!!! Maybe I'll come see you sometime :)

The K. Family said...

Oh, I miss you all! Nice library!

Cora Bornemann said...

I agree with Jewel!! Your children are adorable. :)

Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog! That was such a pleasant surprise. My parents and I are actually going to be visiting friends in Kentucky this week, so we'll get to enjoy warmer weather briefly before calving season arrives--hooray!

May God continue to bless you all!