Sunday, December 2, 2012

Open House

 We were at a meeting earlier this month that was held at a very large church - they had some really neat decorations in the children's area - including this "Pet Store".
 Esther checking out the "worm" and Anna chewing on Mommy's purse...
 Anna's been taking a few steps!
 We've also started feeding her a little solid food - she's not too sure about that rice cereal stuff!
 The tree is much prettier in person than in this picture - we think it's beautiful!
 We had an open house for people at church again - We gave them each a little prayer journal. Also, we finally hung a couple things on the wall in this house - our wedding picture, a wreath, and of course, stockings! (we had to hurry and hang them b/c Esther kept trying to put them on her feet!)
 The food :) Chips and salsa, ham sandwhiches, raspberry jello salad, pickles, chocolate mint brownies, raspberry chocolate bars, white chocolate loaf cake, strawberry tea punch, and bluberry coffee. Since this was the third one we've done and I simplified a few things, it was definitely less stressful. We had a nice turn out and had a great time!
 One of the church ladies caught Esther having fun with the nativity characters.
Aaron and Esther putting up the tree. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

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The K. Family said...

I love the one of Esther looking at the nativity set! Your lunch looks delicious and your tree very pretty!