Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Shower

On Saturday, the ladies from our church and some of my relatives and people from my parent's church had a baby shower for Esther and I. It was all very nice.

Hosanna made the cake - I thought she did a great job!
A creative decoration idea :) This is the crib from the nursery. Some of my little cousins sang "Jesus Loves Me", my aunt did a shower game (guessing which "old wives tales" meant the lady was expecting a boy, or a girl), and an old friend of our family's did a devotional.
Some of the guests - There was over 50 people there in all. My cousins from SD came up, so it was fun to have them there! No, Aaron did not attend the shower...but he did help with some of the setting up.
People brought so many nice gifts! Esther will have lots of pretty clothes to wear and blankets to keep her warm (that's a good thing, because the snow is really coming down today) and everything else she needs to be a proper baby :)
Rachel, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Abby, Alexis, Victoria

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


Daniel and Rachel said...

You had such a nice shower!!! I'm sooooo glad we were able to make it up there for it!! :)

Teresa said...

Hosanna did a great job on the cake!!! It looks like you had a great baby shower! So exciting to see your pictures and posts!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your friendship!