Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Pictures 3

Hello - Hope everyone else is enjoying their week! The weather has been beautiful here and we've been keeping busy. Aaron had to go to Mississippi last week for an Air Force thing and so I spent a couple days at my parents - felt funny to be a guest :)

These are some of the wedding pictures that Abby took - She did a great job!
We like this one a lot! :)
A close up of my boquet - Purple has been my favorite color for many years and irises are Aaron's favorite flower, so I had both in my boquet.
Keren and Debbie serving root-beer floats at the reception.
Julie and Hadassah served chips with nacho cheese dip and breadsticks with pizza sauce for dip.
We made the breadsticks ourselves and it took several long days of keeping the breadmaker going!
JoyAnn and my aunts working away in the kitchen - we really appreciate everyone who worked at the wedding!
Aaron's father read Scipture - Eph. 5:18-33- during the ceremony.
Me being given away...
Isaac and Silas doing the aisle runner - Isaac helped with that at Amos' wedding as well, so he's an expert :)
Joshua, as well as a couple other cousins, took care of all the gifts.


Daniel and Rachel said...

Don't you just LOVE looking and looking and LOOKING at your wedding pictures?! :) I still just randomly pull out our album and sit there looking thru it once in awhile...such good memories!!! Has Hannah gotten any off your pix to you yet? I know she was having computer problems for awhile...

Ash Y said...

Really like the first and second pics!!!